Senco Pc2001 Air Compressor Review

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One of the final considerations that you will have to make when purchasing portable air compressors is how it is mounted. You can get an air compressor that can be mounted in the mattress or below the hood of your truck. These transportable portable air compressor will use the engine of your truck for energy. The disadvantage with these compressors is that your truck will have to be running in order for the compressor to get power.

The subsequent stage is cleansing the segments. You can do this either by giving them a blow with an air line, or by giving them a great brush. Make certain you eliminate all the grit and grime stuck to the segments, then blow some motor spray on them and let them dry.

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If you're looking for an air compressor suitable for use for a broad variety of programs, then you need to take a appear at the Senco PC2001. With its 2 HP motor, it can move air at a price of 4.three CFM when operating at 100 PSI. The two vertically stacked tanks can maintain 4.three gallons of air. Also, the compressor only weighs 54 pounds, so it shouldn't be as well much trouble to move about.

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